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Czech Frosty Rabbit Club
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Adult- $5.00 _____
Youth- $3.00 _____
Husband/Wife- $8.00 _____
2 Cohabiting Adults- $8.00 _____
Family (3 or more, with at least one youth)- $10.00 _____
Life Membership- Yearly due x 20 _____
(IE: Lifetime adult membership- $5.00 x 20 = $100.00, H//W – $8 x 20 = $160)
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Please send a check or money order, payable to Czech Frosty Club of America (CFRC), to:
Dori Smith, Secretary
28504 South Shore Drive
Gobles MI 49055
______ By initialing here (or signing below), I hereby certify that I will use and adhere to the
Czech Frosty Sales Contract when buying or selling Czech Frosty Rabbits as a condition of
my membership until such time as the breed is recognized by ARBA.
NOTE: ALL FUNDS RECEIVED are under the care of our Treasurer, Linda Peterson.