Buying Rabbits 


Official Czech Frosty Purchase Contract
The undersigned agrees to adhere to the following terms:
1. The purchase price for a trio is $400, a second buck is an additional
$100. Additional does are $150 each.
2. The Czech Frosty rabbits will NEVER be bred with ANY other breed.
3. When this original trio is bred, the buyer agrees to sell one trio of
offspring to the seller for $100 upon request.
4. The Czech Frosty rabbits will ONLY be sold to members of the CFRC. If
the purchaser applies for membership at the time of purchase, this will
satisfy this term. (Membership must be verified at the time of sale.)
5. Should the purchaser decide no longer to breed the Czech Frosty
rabbits, they agree to sell ALL their stock to the original seller for $25 per
6. Failure to observe all these terms will place the purchaser at TERM 5.
Trio purchased:____,____,____ Extra buck _____ Extra doe____
Seller __________________________ Date___________________
Purchaser _______________________ Date___________________