The Czech Frosty Rabbit Club (eff. 6/17/2015)

This organization shall be known as the CZECH FROSTY RABBIT
CLUB, and shall be affiliated with the American Rabbit Breeders
Section 1 To provide an organization for persons interested in
the breeding and exhibition of quality Czech Frosty rabbits.
Section 2 To promote and conduct private and public
exhibitions of Czech Frosty rabbits and to provide general
educational materials pertaining to them.
Section 3 To assist the members of this Club in solving
problems incident to the breeding and care of Czech Frosty rabbits.
Section 4 To maintain and dispense valuable information to
the public relative to Czech Frosty rabbits.
Section 1 Any person interested in Czech Frosty rabbits is
eligible for membership in this Club upon payment of dues as
provided in the By-Laws, and by agreeing to comply with all rules,
regulations, and mandates of the Club. Application for membership
shall be made to the Club Secretary accompanied by the required
fee. The application will be presented to the club for approval at the
next regular meeting.
Section 2 All membership dues shall accompany a
Membership application and be handed or sent to the Club Secretary,
who will forward to the Club Treasurer the fees and a copy of the
application. Any members whose dues are not paid by the 31st day
of December of each year shall be considered delinquent. Failure to
renew membership within 30 days of expiration shall result in
automatic termination of membership. The fees for a new application
received after June 30th of each year shall be one-half (1/2) the
amount of the full year’s dues. Fees for a new application received
after September 30th of each year shall be one-quarter (1/4) the
amount of the full year’s dues.
Section 3 Charges of misconduct of any member shall be
presented in writing to the Club Secretary. These charges shall be
carefully investigated by the Board of Directors, and said Board, by a
majority vote, may suspend or expel said member. Each accused
member is entitled to a fair and impartial hearing before the board
before final action is taken on the charges. Said member can be
reinstated by a 3/4 vote of the membership.
Section 4 The fiscal year shall start January 1 and end
December 31 of that year. The President shall appoint two (2)
auditors from the general membership whose duty it shall be to
examine and certify the accounts and records of the Club for the
fiscal year for which they are appointed. The yearly audit shall occur
before the first meeting of the succeeding year.
Section 5 All members of this Club who have twenty (20)
consecutive, uninterrupted years of membership shall be granted a
life membership with no membership fees due.
Officers & Duties
Section 1 The elected officers of the Club shall be members of
the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). They shall
consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and a
Board of Directors, consisting of three elected members, one being a
youth age 16 or younger.
Section 2 All officers shall be elected by ballot, no member
being eligible to hold office until after one year membership. The
Board has the option of waiving the one year membership
Section 3 Terms of office for all officers shall be two (2) years.
The President, Treasurer, and the youth Director shall be elected on
even numbered years. The Vice-president, Secretary, and the two
adult Directors shall be elected on odd numbered years.
Section 4 The President shall preside at all meetings of the
Club, shall act as chairman of the Board of Directors, and shall
perform other duties as pertain to the office of President.
Section 5 The Vice-President shall perform the duties of the
President, or any other officer, in their absence or inability to act.
Section 6 The Secretary shall: (a) collect all membership
applications and collect dues as stated in Article III Section 2, (b)
maintain correct roster of membership, (c) send written notices and
keep correct records of meetings, regular and special, (d) maintain a
file of all correspondence, (e) act as secretary for the Board of
Directors, (f) perform such other duties as may be required by the
Section 7 The Treasurer shall: (a) receive all membership
fees from the Secretary, (b) maintain a record of all receipts and
disbursements of the Club, (c) pay all bills as properly authorized by
the Club or the Board of Directors , (d) be custodian of all funds of the
Club, (e) make a financial report at each meeting and a detailed
report of each receipt and expenditures at the annual meeting, (f)
collect all activity fees at time of the activity.
Section 8 Any vacancy occurring in any office of the Club shall
be filled by appointment by the Board for the balance of the calendar
Section 1 The Board of Directors shall appoint a nominating
committee consisting of 3 members, in August. They will be
responsible for nominating one candidate for each office. The
nominating committee shall be responsible for obtaining the
acceptance of each person before placing them on the slate of
Section 2 The nominating committee shall present the slate of
candidates at the annual meeting. Nominations will be taken from the
floor at the annual meeting. Each candidate must accept or decline a
nomination before being placed on the ballot.
Section 3 Officers and Board members shall be elected at the
annual meeting.
Section 4 Voting shall be done by secret ballot and counted
by a member not listed on the nominating slate. The President shall
only vote to break a tie. The President shall announce the newly
elected officers and Board members to the club as a whole.
Section 5 New officers and Board members shall take over
their respective duties on January first of the next year following

In the event that the Czech Frosty Rabbit Club disbands, the
remaining monies in the treasury, after all debts are paid, shall be
donated to the ARBA Youth Scholarship Fund.
Section 1 CFRC shall hold meetings as necessary in the fiscal year.
The annual meeting shall be held at the ARBA Convention each
year. Each member shall be notified by email as to the place and
time of the meeting, or it will be published on the CFRC website.
Section 2 In the event of the absence of all officers, a majority of
members present shall elect a presiding officer. The presiding officer
shall appoint a secretary for the meeting.
Section 3 Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be called by the
President of the Club, and upon his/her discretion at any day and
time deemed necessary and convenient. These meetings may be
held via electronic medium.
Section 4 A quorum consisting of five (5) members is required for
any vote.
Section 5 At all meetings of the Association, the order of business,
unless otherwise determined by a majority of the members shall be:
Roll Call
Introduction of new members/guests
Minutes from last meeting
Treasurer’s Report
Committee Reports
Old Business
New Business
Miscellaneous information
Memberships and Membership Privileges
Section 1 Membership dues for CFRC per annum shall be:
Family $10.00 (family consisting of two (2) co-habitating adults, and
youth under 19), Husband/Wife (or two co-habitating adults) $8.00,
Single Open $5.00, Youth $3.00. Youth member shall be those
eighteen (18) and under. Youth members 14 and older are entitled to
the right to vote. Life membership = 20 times the annual dues.
Section 1A Anyone applying for membership in CFCA agrees to
use and adhere to the “Official Czech Frosty Purchase Contract” (see
Addendum 1) and all provisions contained therein when purchasing
or selling Czech Frosty rabbits until such time as the Czech Frosty
breed attains recognition with the American Rabbit Breeders
Association (ARBA). Any member that fails to use or adhere to the
contract will have their membership revoked.
Section 2 It shall be the duty of the officers and directors of
CFRC to see that its members abide by the Constitution and By-Laws
of CFRC.
Section 3 A copy of said Constitution and By-Laws shall
accompany the annual ARBA charter (due each year by January 1st)
and all amendments.
Section 4 The Club Secretary shall have a $50.00 renewable
fund for expenses pertaining to the CFRC.
Section 5 Each Show Secretary shall have a $50.00
renewable fund for expenses pertaining to the CFRC Shows.
Section 1 The following standing committees will be appointed
by the President each year:
Standards Committee – which shall recommend any
changes to the Czech Frosty Standard and shall
contain at least one ARBA
licensed judge.
Elections Committee – which shall acquire at least
one candidate for each office, as described in the
Show Committee – which shall schedule all National
Sanctions Committee – which shall handle all
requests for CFRC breed sanctions.
Section 1 Show sanctions for the Czech Frosty shall be:
$5 – Open, $5 – Youth, $8 – Combined
Section 2 Sanctions for the Czech Frosty National Show shall
be issued GRATIS to the sponsoring club.
Section 3 The Sanctions Committee Chairman shall receive a
stipend equal to 10% of all sanction fees remitted to
the club.
Section 4 Each sanctioned show shall publish the CFRC
information in their show catalog.
Addendum 1
Official Czech Frosty Purchase Contract
The undersigned agrees to adhere to the following terms:
1. The purchase price for a trio is $400, a second buck is an
additional $100. Additional does are $150 each.
2. The Czech Frosty rabbits will NEVER be bred with ANY other
3. When this original trio is bred, the buyer agrees to sell one trio of
offspring to the seller for $100 upon request.
4. The Czech Frosty rabbits will ONLY be sold to members of the
CFRC. If the purchaser applies for membership at the time of
purchase, this will satisfy this term. (Membership must be verified at
the time of sale.)
5. Should the purchaser decide no longer to breed the Czech Frosty
rabbits, they agree to sell ALL their stock to the original seller for $25
per rabbit.
6. Failure to observe all these terms will place the purchaser at TERM
Trio purchased:____,____,____ Extra buck _____ Extra doe____
Seller __________________________ Date___________________
Purchaser _______________________ Date___________________